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365 Days in Horse Country – Horse Expo

Blog by Michael Stuart Webb | December 19th, 2013

365 Days in Horse Country – Horse Expo


For horse lovers, one of the closest things to paradise is an equine expo.  These celebratory fairs, which are centered on the horse, feature everything from equine-related vendors to breed exhibitions to educational clinics. Expos are a great way to spend a day with your horsy friends, learn how to better handle your horse, and learn more about horses in general.

Horse expos are becoming more popular, and they take place in various part of the country.  They tend to be big events that go on for several days and draw some of the most famous clinicians in the horse world.  They provide great opportunities to learn about how to train and care for your horse.

If you are looking for horse stuff to buy, horse expos are the place to go.  Many vendors give special show discounts, and you can purchase everything from fly spray to horse trailers ar a lower-than-normal price.

Breed demonstrations are often a big part of the horse expos.  In large venues, horse stalls are set up to temporarily house horses that represent each participating breed.  Live exhibitions featuring breeds showing their stuff are usually part of the expo as well.