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365 Days in Horse Country – Ride and Tie

Blog by Michael Stuart Webb | December 10th, 2013

365 Days in Horse Country – Ride and Tie



Ride and Tie is an exciting equine activity that emphasizes teamwork between two humans and a horse.   The sport started in the United States, and it is getting interest in other parts of the world, particularly in Germany and Australia.  It is essentially an endurance race, but unlike regular endurance riding, Rid and Tie requires some of the race be run on foot by human team members.  The humans on the team take turns riding the horse.  The team member not riding the horse is running, and visa versa.  Since the horse moves faster than the human on foot, riders will off a horse, leave the horse tied to a bush or a tree for the other runner to find at a strategic point so he or she can mount up.  Meanwhile, the team member who had been riding takes off on foot.

The human team members alternate when they ride the horse and when they rn.  The team that finishes the race first with a sound horse is the winning team.

Ride and Tie races are typically 20 to 100 miles (31 to 161 km) in length, and consist of anywhere from 10 to 50 teams.  Mandatory veterinarian checks are part of the course.

Ride and Tie events are sanctioned by the Ride and Tie Association, which has established rules for these races and keeps track of winning teams.  The majority of races take place in California, although Ride and Tie events are held all over the world.