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365 Days in Horse Country – Three-Day Eventing

Blog by Michael Stuart Webb | December 21st, 2013

365 Days in Horse Country – Three-Day Eventing

 An exciting equine sport known as three-day eventing, or combined training, is an Olympic discipline that commands tremendous athleticism from both horse and rider.

Essentially a triathlon on horseback, three-day eventing consists of three days of competition in three different disciplines: cross-country jumping, show jumping, and dressage.  Each discipline is performed on a different day, consecutively.

Horses have to be talented in all three of these activities, and they must also have great stamina.  The same goes for the riders.

This sport requires considerable training, specialized training that can take months or years to complete, depending on the horse.  It also calls for conditioning and spirit.  Thoroughbreds are most often seen in this sport, with warmbloods following second.