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Don’t Get Left Out in the Cold - Are You Ready for the Spring Real Estate Market?

Blog by Michael Stuart Webb | March 7th, 2014

Don’t Get Left Out in the Cold - Are You Ready for the Spring Real Estate Market?


It is true that this has been one of the harshest, not to mention longest, winters in recent history.  As we remain buried under snow, it is almost implausibly inconceivable that spring will be landing at our doorsteps in just 13 short days.  While none of us expect to be seeing the spring blooms, or bunnies frolicking in the front yard anytime soon, the spring real estate market waits for no-one.  

This year’s spring market will undoubtedly lean in favour of the Seller, given the ultra-low inventory levels currently in the market place.  If you are thinking about selling your home this year, don’t squander your opportunity to capitalize on this current market condition.  Now is the time you should be preparing to bring your home to market, and now is the time that you should be enlisting the expert and professional advice of a real estate practitioner.  Delaying now, could end up costing you thousands in the long run.

Wondering where to start?  Here are five easy and cost effective tips to help you get the ball rolling;

  • Call a licensed property inspector.  It’s common that potential buyers may ask you to fix or pay for issues needing repair, so having a property inspector do a full sweep of the home can help you get a head start.  For example, your roof may need fixing.  You may have maintenance issues, things like dry rot for example.  You need to clean these things up to make your home more presentable and in order to reap larger dividends at sale time. While the inspection can cost a few hundred dollars, these things need to be addressed and it is worth the investment.
  • Declutter.  Less is more when you are putting your home up for sale.  Now is a good time to decide what stays and what needs to go.  Clean out your closets and bookshelves.  Send things to storage that don’t need to be in your home.
  • Evaluate your yard. Selling in the spring means your yard has to be in good shape. Take advantage of the warmer days and seize the opportunity to trim broken tree limbs.  Tidy up your flower beds and remove any debris left behind by Old Man Winter.
  • No. 4. Consider a maintenance schedule.  If there are many unaddressed repairs and issues that need to be tended to in the home, you may need to create a maintenance schedule to meet your spring deadline.  If needs be, enlist the assistance of a local handyman to help expedite things.
  • Compare to other homes in your area. Check out other listings to see how your home compares with others currently up for sale.  See what is popular in your area—hardwood floors or rugs for example.  This way you will see what is for sale and what is commonly desirable before you start changing things in your home.  This is an area where your real estate practitioner can offer you invaluable advice to help you maximize the best return on the sale of your home.