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365 Days in Horse Country – Leather Care

Blog by Michael Stuart Webb | August 24th, 2013

365 Days in Horse Country – Leather Care

One of the most intoxicating smells to a horseperson is the smell of leather.  Walk into a tack room, and the scent overwhelms you with warm feelings about time you’ve spent with horses.

Your leather tack is valuable because you love the way it looks, smells, and feels.  It’s also valuable because it also does the work for you.  You depend on the straps on your leather bridle to stay strong and the leather on your saddle to stay pliable and supple.  You need all those leather straps and pieces to be at their best so they can serve you while you ride.

To keep your leather in good shape, you need to clean it on a regular basis, at least once a month.  Use products made just for leather when you do, and dry it thoroughly after cleaning.

Store your tack in a dry cool place, out of the rain and sunlight.  If you get caught in the rain while riding, dry your tack off with a clean towel when you get back to the barn.

Protect leather saddles with a saddle cover when not in use and dust them in between cleanings with a soft towel.  Treat your tack well, and it will last for decades.