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365 Days in Horse Country – 4-H: Head, Heart, Hands, and Health

Blog by Michael Stuart Webb | December 11th, 2013

365 Days in Horse Country – 4-H: Head, Heart, Hands, and Health



If you have a child who loves horses, or even if you don’t, consider getting involved with a 4-H horse project in your area.  With activities that focus exclusively on a particular animal, 4-H club projects provide great opportunities for children to learn about livestock, especially horses.  You can also offer to be a 4-H leader for a horse project in a local 4-H club.  If no horse projects exist, offer to start one.

Most 4-H horse projects offer children the following opportunities to learn.

Equine vernacular – Children learn the different parts of the horse, as well as horse-related vocabulary.

Horse breed – Leaders help children discover the different breeds of horse and their histories.

Horse health – 4-H is a great way for children to learn how to take care of their horses.  Everything from daily care to veterinary issues is covered.

Riding – Children in 4-H learn how to better ride their horses through lessons.

Showing – Horse shows are often a part of 4-H projects.

This variety of fun activities help children discover the world of horses through 4-H.  Your child will learn with the help of his or her horse.  If you participate as a leader, you can be instrumental in helping kids discover the wonderful world of horses.

To get involved with your local 4-H club, contact The 4-H Club of Canada by visiting their website at http://www.4-h-canada.ca/core