Mathew Hodder

Brand Manager

My name is Mathew Hodder and I am the Brand Manager at The Michael Stuart Webb Team. I am a proud resident of Barrie and grew up in the southern Georgian Bay area. I studied fine art and graphic design at Georgian College and I have been working in media and brand design for over 8 years.  I am truly passionate about my craft and chose the path of media and branding design because I believe that efficient branding, and the utilization of appropriate methods for its delivery, improve the quality of lives for consumers all the while optimizing operations within a company. The Michael Stuart Webb Team’s brand focuses on real people and the experiences that enrich life; such as getting married, having a baby, and growing in general. We pride ourselves on making a genuine and emotional connection with our Clients which helps us to understand your goals, ensuring that we make them a reality.

My role at The Michael Stuart Webb Team is to produce engaging and informative content that makes the buying and selling experience an enjoyable one, while maintaining our values of honesty and genuine care for our Clients.  This includes social media content, print and digital marketing materials, video content, and other relevant branding materials. I am very proud, and lucky, to be working with such an amazing team comprised of so many astonishing individuals. Together we make The Michael Stuart Webb Team experience.

The Michael Stuart Webb Team is known for being socially involved in the community. For example, we work very closely with The Barrie Women and Children’s Shelter to provide support and much-needed funding for those recovering from time spent in an abusive environment. Maintaining a social element has always been very important to my workflow. Having the opportunity to give back to those less fortunate, and showing gratitude for our successes, is an important part of what we do.  It is also one of the reasons I am so proud to be part of The Michael Stuart Webb Team.

I look forward to continuing to improve the lives of the residents of Barrie, one kind deed at a time. I also look forward to continuing to produce functional and engaging content that helps you find the home of your dreams.


Your Dream. Our Mission.